It’s Money Making Season! Don’t Miss Out!


I am probably a little late in posting this blog but I felt that I can still offer some massive value to those who are trying to launch an FBA store doing Retail Arbitrage and you really want to bank on sales and make sure you don’t run out of inventory.

First off I want to mention that you have to hit a certain level of sales before Amazon allows you to sell TOYS during the holidays. But if you did not make the cut, don’t lose hope, you can still make a profit this season!


So here are my top tips for the end of the year!

  • Stock up! Because more people will be shopping during the holidays you absolutely need to make sure you have as much product in your store as possible. YOU DON'T WANT TO RUN OUT! Now is the time to pull out all the stops and get stuff in! Stumped as to what to ship? That is ok I have got you covered!
  • Post-Halloween Sales: We are close to Halloween so it is a little late to start stocking up on costumes, but you haven’t entirely missed the boat! All the Halloween stuff will go on sale on November 1st and that will be the day you want to go in and start stocking up on everything you can sell next year. Look for sales at all of the stores out there! You may not be cleared to sell everything you find, but you will find a few deals! You may be surprised how many people will buy costumes year round, but even if you aren’t cleared to sell toys or clothing, decorations will still sell next year.
  • Summer in November. Remember that all the stores are trying to get rid of their summer items. Everything from self-tanners, beach towels, BBQ equipment to bathing suits. Take your app with you and scan every summer thing you can find. It is hot somewhere and people will still be looking to buy summer items, and you will be prepared for the summer months. If you have a store you always have to be thinking in reverse as everyone else. Buy out of season, sell in season.
  • Bank on BRRR. We are entering the cold season and with the cold comes all the needs to stay warm. We are also entering the season where everyone eats massive sugar, which results in what many call “flu season”. I call it sugar season where we suppress our immune systems and spread the crud. Haha! But you can bank on all the sugar eaters by stocking up on cold medicine. Other times like gloves, hand warmers, hot chocolate, car covers, ice scrapers. You name it! Everything for the cold season you can stock up on!
  • Black Friday. Don’t forget that on Black Friday you can be stocking up and shipping stuff right away to get a quick turn-around. I’d recommend staying away from expensive breakable items (and this week in my new YouTube video I will explain why). But focus on the small, light-weight doorbusters. Take advantage of shopping online and buy them on as many platforms as you can so that you can get more than the limit.

If you take these tips seriously this season and really begin to build your store up for the next few months you can see the biggest sales of the year. Just because you didn’t make Amazon’s sales requirements for toy season doesn’t mean you can’t have a very successful fourth quarter. Now go shopping!

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