We are two months from officially launching our Self Publishing Course and Toolkit and a month away from starting our new podcast!

We want you to be part of our official Launch Team! This community will be play a big role in fine tuning of the course by providing input and in the end help us launch! We have five people currently taking the course and publishing their books, but realized we need more feedback from others and a team to help us.

Those who use this course to publish their book will not only have their book promoted on my website, but will be invited to be interviewed on my new podcast for an “Author Spotlight”.  For those who are entrepreneurs and part of the launch team my new podcast is focused upon strategy, innovation and visionary ideas for success in life and business and would love to have you on my program to talk about your business!

So this will be a community that will be part of the exciting launch of two amazing things! A Self Publishing Course and a New Podcast to help people succeed!

Below is description of the self publishing course. If selected as part of this team you will get full access to the course content to provide your needed feedback and should you choose to be part of our affiliate program you will receive an affiliate link where you can receive up to 10% in commission when someone you refer purchases the course!! That is about $50 per course sold and could add up for you quickly!


For writers, this Self-Publishing Course and Toolkit is the only course that will give you the power to control the creation of your book among all other self-publishing tools, that charge high prices, because it gives you the power back to edit and format your book, design your book cover and get it published for as little as no money and you choose what you want to invest in, without compromising quality.



Have you always wanted to self publish your book but lack the funds to do so? I am excited to have created both an online course and toolkit to provide individuals everywhere the opportunity to get their story or dream book into print!

I discovered not only was price an issue but so was quality. Someone might try to hire someone to design a book cover or use a website’s program to put their book together, but the results were marginal. This was after they invested thousands of dollars!

I am happy to have put the power back into the writer’s hands, giving the average person with no experience working with graphic software the ability to design the book cover of their dreams. I have given you a step-by-step course on how to do everything! To take it even further I will be promoting many of the books published using this course on my website and interviewing authors on my podcast.


To apply fill in the form below! We will be forming our Launch Team within the next couple of weeks and those chosen will receive access to a private online community! We ask for your twitter handle below so that we can provide the list of the team to everyone to connect with each other.


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