Mindset For Success – Mastering Your Business


Today I felt like writing on a topic I never hear anyone talk about but that is more vital to achieving success than most things. It is a skill and mindset that was ingrained in my mind from working for a Big 4 Firm and it was an expectation I had to live up to in order to succeed.

This mindset is to always ask, “How can this be better, how can we take it to the next level?” We never had a “Final” anything because absolutely every process or deliverable was in a constant state of becoming better.

It is easy to create something and then think it is finished, this is it, now it’s time to go onto the next big thing. But we miss out on delivering the best we can when we have a mindset that “this works, it worked last time and this is how we do it.” That type of mindset will ensure you fail and I have actually watched first-hand people take a shovel and dig their own grave for their business and their life with this mindset.

If anyone wants to really succeed, to have what it takes to be the who’s who instead of the who’s he, they have to learn mastery. Mastery only comes by learning to take what you have and take it to the next level.

I do understand that it is not always practical or within your means to take what you have to the next level. But that is always true with everything you will ever work on. The point is that you have a path paved out and you know how you are going to take it to the next level of success.

Think of success as progress, outcome, and levels. First, you lay a foundation of progress at one level, then you go back and lay yet another level of success and raise the bar.

I recently started to do this with my YouTube Channel. Starting my channel over and creating new content and a new brand has not been an easy undertaking. I set a new foundation and yet some were still wondering what exactly I was doing. I met with a Partner at YouTube one on one to learn how to improve what I am doing. Updated my SEO, started to plan more, updated some of my production tools, gained a comprehensive understanding of YouTube’s algorithm and implemented cutting edge practices I see no one else doing but that will help me succeed in the long term. I learned more about layout and branding for my specific channel. And daily I ask myself, how can I take it to the next level?

Truth be told if I had the funds I would be doing the same thing with my website, I would also be doing more to communicate my content on differing platforms, taking my podcast and turning it to video, taking my video and turning it to my podcast. But again it is laying foundations of success one at a time. Nobody just starts out the door with perfection, it has to come in layers.

So my challenge to you today is to ask yourself how you can take what you are doing to the next level? Don’t just get it done, take it up a notch. If you have written a book, how can you take that book and make it even better? Yes, republish it! Did you publish a course? How can you make it better? Do you have a product? How can it be better? Did you create a presentation or document of some kind? How can it be better? Keep a mindset of growth and that nothing is ever final, build on your success and become a master of what you do.

One last thing, to have this mindset also keeps you out of the “stuck” mode of never delivering anything. Some people never succeed because they delay their projects because they are not perfect. Waiting until something is perfect is just another way of choosing to fail. It is ok if what you put out there sucks at first, it’s ok that you don’t like it now, what matters is that you are moving. Don’t get stuck on perfection, allow mastery to drive you forward.


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