How To Turn Your Business Card Into A Lead Generating Machine

Have you ever gone to a networking event only to walk away with a stack of business cards you don’t know what to do with and no more client leads then before you went? If so, you are not alone. I remember a time when I would attend so many events hoping I would gain clients but never come close to growing my business. Usually I would end up with people just wanting me to buy things from them but never getting much out of it myself. It’s great to meet a lot of people, but how do you sell what you offer to those you meet without turning them off?

Now when I attend an event if there is anyone I meet that could utilize my expertise they are scooped up into my sales funnel and within weeks they are calling to hire me. Let me share my secret…

Your business card is the most often overlooked form of lead generation. In fact, most business owners never even consider the possibility that their business card should be driving prospects to them in droves.

And yet, it can be one of your most versatile lead generation tools for your business’s product or service.

What you need to know…

The key is to create a business card that gets your prospects to take a specific action rather than simply provide boring contact information.

There’s a formula to follow that will help you create powerful business cards that compel your prospects to take a specific action. That formula states that you must Interrupt your prospects (usually done with an attention grabbing headline), Engage them (by promising a solution to the problem the headline presented), Educate them (by providing compelling information that highlights the value you offer) and making them an irresistible Offer (a specific call to action).

The front of the card will look like a fairly typical business card. It contains your logo if you have one, your business’s name, your name and title, and at the bottom is your address with city, state and zip code. However, the last line on the card should be in red type and say… “see opposite side for special offer.” Who can possibly resist turning that card over to find out what that special offer is?

And since most business cards were received from the individual themselves, there is already a certain rapport, relationship or trust level established that increases the likelihood that they will respond to your offer.

Why you need to know this…

Your prospects are literally bombarded with marketing messages today. They basically tune them all out. The business card just described adds a “unique” flavor to the business owner who uses them. The card with the “offer” in red effectively Interrupts them. Then when they turn it over, they see another headline that Engages them by promising to solve a major problem, frustration or concern they tend to experience when doing business with a company like yours.

Since the business card itself isn’t large enough to effectively Educate them on what you do, the Offer must do double duty by educating them about your product or service as well as compelling the prospect to take a specific action. Both of these can be easily accomplished by making the offer an informational offer such as a report, a CD, a DVD, a teleconference call or possibly a webinar.

But consider one additional suggestion. What if a prospect COULD become educated from your business card? With the popularity and easy access to YouTube, try this. Video yourself being “interviewed” about your area of expertise. Just a short two to three minute clip is fine.

On the front of your business card, just below your contact information, insert this wording… “Check out my expertise for yourself!” Then add the video URL for them to enter into their browser. This video should be someone interviewing you “Larry King” style and automatically positions you as an “industry expert.”

But don’t stop there. Create a second video of approximately the same length, and just below the previous wording, insert this phrase… “Here’s how I can help you now!” Add the video URL for this video, and it should be you looking directly into the camera and offering them a compelling reason to take a specific action.

The cost to you if you fail to act…

When your clients can receive compelling information about what you do in a non-threatening way, they are much more likely to respond to your offer and eventually become a client.

  • So are you using your business card to generate leads?
  • Do you know how to structure the message on the card so it generates results?
  • Are you aware that every marketing piece, including your business cards, should always contain what is referred to as “persuasion architecture?”
  • Do you have the knowledge and skills to effectively create all of this?

All of these suggestions can turn your business card into a lead generation machine.

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