They Steal Your Product, Customers and Business – How To Protect Yourself

Have you ever created a product only to have someone come along, copy what you created and then destroy your profits? This is not uncommon, in fact there are a few other challenges you can run into such as:

  • Consumers are becoming less brand loyal – As the economy has suffered most people have valued saving money over being loyal to a brand. In fact, the market tells us that there has been a stigma placed on those who stay loyal to certain brands and are seen as wasteful. If you depend just on a brand name you are not considering everything that needs to be set into place to sustain your business long term.
  • Consumers are moving away from big brands to smaller businesses – Due to the changing industry trends in consumer business where consumers are expecting the personal touch, personal experience and the latest technology only small companies have the flexibility to be able to change on a dime for their customers. If growth is your single point of focus, or if you rely on a big brand to succeed there is more you must consider.
  • Improved products or innovative products don’t produce lasting loyalty – You may have some success improving upon a product, creating a better product, or even inventing an innovative product. But if innovation is not part of the rest of your business model your product will only produce for you short term.

As you know I have been investigating the Amazon FBA world and in the process I have begun to see where people are succeeding and where they are failing. There are those that focus on reselling product they purchase at stores, libraries, garage sales etc. Then there are those that select a private label product based off of data on Amazon and what will sell. But neither model is sustainable in of itself.

In order to succeed at a long term business model that will produce over time, innovation must be implemented across your business model, not just your product. The value you bring must be beyond your product.

I saw one guy who has been very successful reselling on Amazon attempt his first private label and he was losing money on it. He is fairly popular and I would say his biggest mistake is to realize that he should be using his personal brand of himself to sell his private label item. People buy feelings, they don’t buy an object and if they trust him, respect him, and see value in the product then he will be able to beat all the competition based upon the experience he can offer his customers.

But I have good news for you! There was an algorithm developed after 8 years of research by the top leading experts, of companies like Ford, McDonalds, Facebook, Google, Apple and every other company that has seen major success. They were able to create an algorithm that once your business was plugged in, you would be provided with an innovative strategic roadmap that would guarantee your business would succeed just like those businesses. Success was put into an actual equation.

When I was working for a Big 4, I went through this innovation training that would allow me to assess Fortune 50 companies to provide them with not only a report on where they needed to innovate but also provide the actual innovation they needed to put into place to make sure no one else could copy them. That their brand would last over time,  that they could position themselves to never be beaten by competition, and they would succeed long-term.

I have now put this assessment into an online course, where I am training you how to assess your own business, and I am about to open it up to a limited amount of people. But first I want to select 5 businesses that I will give this course to for FREE in exchange for your honest feedback and testimony if it transforms your business. If you are interested you can apply to be part of my Innovation Launch by filling out this survey. I will announce the winners once I have enough entries to choose from. Not everyone qualifies for this program because it pertains to those who have built a business, are successful and need to take it to the next level.

I am excited to offer this program and I can proudly say that unless you plan on paying a Big 4 millions of dollars for services there is no one else providing this assessment. To my knowledge there is not another individual providing this information, it’s not on YouTube, it’s not on a blog or anywhere else because I was trained by the top business leaders in the nation behind closed doors. They provide these services only to Fortune 500 clients who will pay them millions and they are not interested in the small business owner. But I want to provide this to entrepreneurs, small business owners and those that would never get access otherwise.

I am really excited to be launching this course! I believe it is the most cutting edge, innovative and visionary program that exists right now. I have seen nothing like it! Get ready to set your business up to not be copied, not lose customers due to changes in preference and create a customer base that will stick with you just like Facebook’s customers stick with them. It’s time to innovate! APPLY NOW!

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