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chessHave you ever heard someone on television, being interviewed or charging for material and all you can think is “Well duh!” Why would anyone buy that? Why do they think they are so smart that’s like basic stuff man!”

I had that moment, actually I have had several of those moments. I’ve seen these “Marketers” online sharing information like it is this novel idea that was fundamental process for me for over ten years. What bothers me even more is to see people charge others for this type of information and so I am fighting back by offering it freely.

In fact, I heard someone who is very popular out there giving advice and promoting the idea of selling material that people can just google with the justification that “you are charging for putting it all together in one place and have verified its what works.”

Sure, it’s valuable in saving time by getting something like that…but if I am going to charge you for something, it is something you cannot get anywhere else. The self-publishing course I put together, for example. You cannot get the information, tools and resources by googling. You cannot buy it from another expert either. You are getting not only unique tools I created, inside information, and how to but also all my personal experience.

Not many know this but I worked for Benny Hinn (and others) for quite a long time doing all his marketing. He is the one who raised up one of my personal hero’s Tim Storey. It was my goal for many years to be a lot like Tim and follow in his footsteps. So he worked for Benny and then so did I. Through that process I learned to manage a person’s personal brand, create books and products for television, I learned all the processes, how to generate fundraising, etc. Adding that experience on top of being a certified industry expert and what I learned at Deloitte marketing to companies like Amazon, Expedia, NIKE, Eddie Bauer, etc. I feel I have a 360 view of business development.

So, I am going to commit to giving you some information on how you can grow your business. I am not charging for this content! If I charged for it, then it would be things I know you couldn’t get anywhere and that is just my personal conviction. There are some things that I am offering today that do come from my experience and are not common knowledge…but it is still free because I feel we need a starting point if I am to help you on a grander scale. We need to start in the same place and build from there. So hopefully those who this content is new for, will then be ready for the next level of insight.

Content Creation and Use

Content should always be created once and used in multiple formats. If you were to record a video, that content then should be translated into writing. It could be a blog, a book, a CD, a podcast, a meme.

When someone would come on television and the program was popular, I would pull the transcript and hand it to what you call a ghostwriter. They would take a cut of then transforming it into a book. I then would work with a designer and develop a cover. Now the book wouldn’t be published, instead I would create a mockup of just the cover over another book. They then would bring this on TV and depending on the orders we got in I would then publish the book and get the orders out.

I would also go onto YouTube and periscope and listen to messages, pull transcripts and then turn those into letters that would go out to millions.

I know that you may not have a writer working for you, maybe you don’t have graphic artists, maybe it’s just you. But you can still implement these tools.

First, as you build on one platform, let’s say YouTube. You create tons of content. Once you grow to the point where you can afford investing time in creating more content you can extract the audio, the transcripts and other key statements and transform them into more formats.

Secondly, if you want to test a product before you produce it. You can create a mockup much like I would do for television. Then test to see the demand and if people want to buy it then produce it. You just should make sure you don’t charge credit cards until the product ships or let them know the exact date the product will ship. Keep in mind it is smart to do this with scalable products. So, if you get one order you can still fulfill it.


Write a book and turn it into a seminar

Most people write a book and it will be the core of what they teach and focus on. You don’t have to go to their seminar to get the content, you typically can just read their book. But the reason most go to seminars is to get that in person instruction, to be able to ask questions and more related to networking and the others you get to meet. That’s really the value you get.

So, if you are establishing yourself in a certain area of expertise I believe it is important to write a book. Hire a ghostwriter if you aren’t good at writing. Make that your core message and training.

This is exactly what I did in the past when I had my nonprofit and would travel and speak and those that asked me to come usually read my book and wanted me to come teach it. This is also what I am doing now, writing a book on the areas of expertise I want to focus which I will absolutely turn into a seminar you can attend and give you one on one focus.


Growing your social media

This to me is a no brainer. Your content must be good, use SEO, you should pay to advertise your social media and you also should network outside of social media.

It never ceases to amaze me when people post videos on YouTube and think that just because the SEO is great that somehow they should have tons of followers and views. Yes, SEO is very important specifically your video description and title should be SEOd. But all the people that are getting popular on YouTube pay for it. In fact, if I had more money to spend right now I can guarantee you my videos would be more popular and I would have more subscribers. Yes, your content must be good, but let’s face it, there are people eating potato chips out there on video that are number one.

The other way that people grow their social media is they have real life success outside of social media. They network, meet people and connect in real life settings. This cannot be overlooked because it can get you to a destination 100x faster than just trying to be popular online.

So, use Google AdWords video campaigns for your YouTube videos, use Facebook Ads for your posts, advertise your website on Google or other outlets like Outbrain. Let people know you exist. This is how you grow. Then you need to actually offer good content because nobody is going to want to follow you on social media if you just use it to rant. (believe me I know because I did that back in the day haha)

You can also grow your social media by following other people on social media. This is also a no brainer. But make sure you follow people you actually want to and not just every person you find because the idea of connecting online should be that you have something to offer and so do they.


Strategic Sales & Marketing

There are a few different approaches to marketing depending on your audience and type of person or business you want to market to. It will also change depending on how many people you are marketing too. I think the challenge when we are marketing to the masses is to want to market to the masses. Where when you are marketing to a company, you start with the decision makers and market to them.

But some of the fundamentals are the same. So, I want to cover them in a short overview:

  1. Know what message you want to communicate about who you are to them and know the problems you are solving. Also, know how to build a relationship with the decision maker.

For example, when I was trying to Market to Amazon I researched the CEO, I found out what he liked, didn’t like, what kind of food he liked and didn’t like, I found out his dreams, his goals, his strategy, his beliefs and the most importantly I looked for his struggles and problems he was facing. (I called these problems “opportunities” because that is what they are if you are in the business of solving problems). I then developed marketing materials and campaign to show him why we had the answers to his problems. I also studied the culture of Amazon and communicated graphically, in the copy I wrote and with the use of taglines that would communicate we “get it” and are the right company to help.

When we would go meet him with our materials we also knew “how” to approach him, where to go if we went to lunch, what not to talk about, what to focus on and what not to. I provided a brief to partners that would show them these are his pain points and here are our solutions for each.

You can translate this into marketing to the masses by choosing your “ideal demographic”. Know everything about this demographic and then when you create materials make sure you are not just addressing the answers to their problems, but also know how to build a relationship with your demographic. This is a lot harder because you cannot just research an individual, you have to create the ideal customer. But it can be done.

  1. One size does not fit all

When it comes to marketing materials many people make the old-school mistake of creating one brochure that says who they are and it is all about them. Then they give this to everyone. The reason this is ineffective is that it shows you know nothing about the business/person you are marketing too, it shows you only care about what you have to offer and you are in it for what you can get.

If you can take time to tailor your communications, your brochures and other material for specific people and companies you will be much more successful. Some would argue that is not scalable, but it actually is! If you are marketing to the masses make sure that you state what problem, you are solving NOT what you offer FIRST. This means you want to put what is of interest to people what they can get before you share what it is that you have to give them.

If you approach people with a ton of information but don’t connect first to what they need this is often called being a brain on a stick. I saw this a lot in the Consulting world. There would be some Harvard or Yale graduate with a ton of specialized experience working with tons of companies. They were geniuses and very good at what they did, and they knew all the data behind why things worked or didn’t work. BUT if they tried to sell their services to a client and approached it by just telling them everything they knew they would get thrown out of the office.

It is important to care about people. The reason why we offer free help, free resources, free downloads, ask for questions, answer questions and provide free value online and in person is because you are caring about people. You want to find out what they need and bring the solution but jump the gun and start data dumping people won’t stick around.

Remember that communicating what you have to offer has more to do with how you can solve an individual’s problem then it has to do with what you know.


Innovation is not just about products

The number one mistake that people make, I personally believe, is to think that all you need is an innovative product and great marketing. This is just a big lie.

Do you know that for the entirety of the time I was working for Deloitte they never advertised? Why? Because they depend mostly on their relationships and the innovative ways they can reach customers, serve them and deliver the best.

When we approach a business with the idea that we just need a great product and a way to get that information out there we develop customers, not long term clients. The difference between a customer and a client is that customers come once, make a transaction and leave never to return. A Client on the other hand returns after they make a transaction because you have more than just a product to offer.

Remember this when you are building your business that marketing and product are your bread and butter. It is not the meat of your organization.

If you need help on adding innovation to your business in the right way so that you can grow your business to a whole new level, I will be launching a course on that very soon! Make sure you sign up to get my YouTube videos every week so you get the first notification when this course is launched!!!

I hope this long blog was helpful for some of you today and let me know if you want more content like this from me in the future.





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