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In this episode I provide you with a four step life changing process that will allow you to eliminate desires for things you want out of your life and also intentionally increase your desire for things you want more of in your life. Shift your average experiences into amazing experiences instantly and break the habit of eating the wrong foods instantly!

In this episode you will learn the “Quality Quantifier”, which is a four step process that will allow you to change your desire for anything to increase or decrease. You will be able to instantly change your desire for anything if you take the time to practice this process. The steps are:

  1. Quantify – What is your current level of desire out of 1-10?
  2. Describe – What do you want to feel in association with this desire? What do you want to experience?
  3. Decide – What level do you want to experience from a -10 to +10
  4. Strategize – What has to happen for you to experience this level? What conditions must be present?

Our emotional state is also very important when taking time to shift our desires. It is important whenever possible to include both action and positive motions when learning something new or wanting to enforce a new belief. This is why you may find me dancing around on snapchat to change my emotional state so that I can transform my thoughts or to learn something new! (more on this in the future)







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