THRIVE RADIO: Reclaiming Your True Identity


Reclaiming Your True Identity

In this episode I take you through the process of reclaiming your true identity by sharing a story about a woman who had suppressed her vulnerability and was losing out on benefits of being feminine. This process is taken from Tony Robbins lessons in mastery and is the process of identifying key decisions made as a child or a young adult that can shape our destiny.

I discuss a lot about masculine and feminine energy in this podcast and it is important to note that I am not talking about gender. All genders must have both masculine and feminine energy in our lives to be healthy and to interact with each other. It is when we try to suppress one energy out of survival mode that it can become an issue.

I also discuss how a decision made at a young age can cause us to fuel our human needs with fear instead of love. When this happens our view of others becomes negative, we think they are taking our needs from us and we often find ourselves in conflict.






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