Why Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy is Important?

Are you struggling to get clients online?


Are you spending tons of money on sales funnels and software but never making money?


Are you running ads and getting traffic but not converting that traffic into clients?


If so you need to look into your customer value journey marketing strategy.

What is a CVJ Marketing Strategy ?

A CVJ marketing strategy is a blueprint that outlines the journey your ideal client will take with your brand from becoming aware of your business online to becoming a raving fan. It is based upon the psychology of relationship building. It is part of building a sales funnel that converts.



A successful marketing strategy should include:

  • Your products and services that have been tested to be profitable ideas
  • Your email automation strategy: nurtures, sequences, follow-ups, etc.
  •  Your Ad strategy, including retargeting and custom audiences
  • Your content strategy to drive new customers to your products and services
  • Your testimonial system, affiliate program and referrals

Why Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy is Important?

The key to any successful business is a solid marketing strategy based upon the psychology of relationship building. By creating a good strategy it ensures that you will reduce the cost of acquiring new clients, increase your profit margin and make sure that the ads you run are paid for as you run them.

A good marketing strategy allows you to speak directly to your target audience. It ensures you are only spending money in the right places. It keeps your activity relevant and consistent. It allows you to set goals and measure your ROI and finally it acts as a reference point which you can refer back to if you go off track.


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