Why You Are “Failing” And How to Change It Today

deskHave you ever been in a situation in life where you really believed that you would succeed at something and you failed, maybe you believed something would work out a certain way and it didn’t?

Today I felt like I wanted to address this because I think that when you feel like you have been disappointed in life then it is very difficult to create a future that is brighter than your past. Often people feel stuck and like nothing they do will ever amount to the change they want to actually see in their lives. Then they give up and take what they can get.

The first thing to realize is that there is no such thing as failure. Whenever we work hard to achieve something in our lives we always create a result of some sort. Even if it wasn’t the outcome you desired, you were successful in creating a result. The key then is to realize you always succeed when you put effort into something. The key is to learn from those results to be able to obtain better results in the future. So look at your efforts as stepping stones to success rather than I tried and it didn’t work.

The other day I did a Facebook Live on the topic of creating a compelling future for yourself but the truth is that many people get stuck just on the basis that they view their efforts as failure. Then they cannot dream and they find themselves losing hope to be able to dream. Let’s face it, when you are struggling just to survive it is difficult to begin dreaming about more superficial things like going on a vacation or buying something. Even though those types of things don’t produce happiness, they are a part of enjoying life and they are important. So we don’t want disappointment to rob us of enjoying life.

However, if we could just simply decide to change something, decide to achieve, decide to make better decisions, or decide to create a new discipline in our lives the reality is we would all be living the lives we desired 100% of the time. So what’s the secret?

The truth is that there is much more involved in creating success than just choosing to do something. If you look at any successful person they have a several different characteristics that create success that we can emulate.


  • They are passionate. They have a consuming obsessive purpose for what they do. It drives them from deep within. So if you lack passion, ask yourself today what could I get passionate about that would drive you?
  • They use proven strategy. To achieve anything we have to find someone who has succeeded in that area and then model the strategy that they used. When we create goals to achieve our dreams we must realize there is a way that works and ways that don’t. It is quite possible you have tried the ways that don’t work and have exhausted them, now find the ways that do. The only way to find a strategy that works is to find someone who uses a strategy that has worked and copy it. Ask yourself what they are doing that you are not, then create a plan to grow what you are doing to match that. Try to find out what they did when they were at your same stage to succeed, and emulate that.
  • They possess energy. They know how to produce energy in their lives, they eat foods that produce energy, they exercise to produce energy and they keep themselves in a state of energy which results in things getting done, positive outlook and a better quality life. The fact is if you wake up every morning feeling horrible it is pretty difficult to produce anything new in life. Many people will say that it takes great talent to achieve anything special but the truth is most talent can be learned and action is really what is producing results. Successful people know what they want and they have the ability to motivate themselves to do it and they understand how to create energy. Master the ability to keep your energy up, produce and you will be light years ahead of those who still don’t know what they want.
  • They possess commitment. Most of us if we go after a goal and when we don’t see the results we want then we give up. But those that succeed are those that realize that there is more than one way to skin a cat and they will keep going until. They may change the strategy but never the end goal. The fact is that most people think that they must see results right away when the majority of those that succeed just never give up. They change strategy but don’t give up.
  • Physiology. The next thing that is really important is to understand that a person’s physiology is also part of their success. How they move, speak, do. If you can begin to mirror a person’s physiology you will begin to produce similar results in your own life. Why? Because physiology also produces energy, belief, and state and better communication which allows us to produce right results. For example, you can emulate a person’s confidence with their body language and instantly be seen as confident.
  • They have a strong belief system. They believe in their ability to achieve. What a person believes they become. Now I will say that there are a lot of people out there that say they believe or have faith for something but they never create actions to achieve those things. When we just live in a state of belief with no action we become delusional. So it is important to add actions to what we are believing. We need to not just believe but add actions to that belief to produce results.
  • They know their values. Your values are what are most important to you in life. When you’re not clear on this you can begin to experience inner conflicts. On the one hand, you may desire to do charitable things but maybe you also value vacations. Therefore, we need to be able to create a life that supports all of our values without causing conflict.
  • Connection with others. Relationships are really important and feeling connected to others is truly one of the main things that allow us to experience happiness in life. If you succeed but are alone then you will be miserable. Make an effort to connect with others, find those that share your values and what matters the most. Build relationships around you that will create a rich life long term. True friendships are rare and hard to find, treat them as such.
  • They have mastered communication. How we communicate to ourselves on a daily basis is extremely important. What we tell ourselves every day, how we interpret circumstances and what we tell ourselves about them. If you can identify the number one thing you communicate to yourself every day and then change it to be something that will begin to produce greater results in your life you will break through. Communication with others is important as well, but if you can start with how you speak to yourself you can begin to see immediate change. Make working on communication of primary importance or the quality of your life will suffer.

We are ultimately in full control and responsible for what we have produced in our lives. When we are willing to take responsibility for this then we are empowered to change it. These are some proven characteristics that when implemented into lives produces success. Now go dream, so that you have a compelling future and a better reality.

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