Work Life Balance – Make Life Meaningful

coffeeIsn’t that just a magnificent cup of coffee? It reminds me of when I was in my 20s and I used to spend the majority of my days in a snug little corner coffee shop with my friends reading amazing books and discussing deep topics and analyzing truth.

To this day there really is nothing like a good cup of coffee in a cozy corner, with a good book and friends with amazing minds to discuss all we are reading.

I think that sometimes we can lose sight of the meaningful things in life, those moments that mean the  most to us. Instead of rushing to one place to the next talking to friends on our devices how many of us now sit down for coffee on some big couch and discuss the philosophy for life?


tumblr_o473cxu3p11teue7jo1_1280Maybe that is not your “thing” maybe it is an amazing meal like photo on the left? Gathering of your closest friends or family and sitting down to an amazing meal and amazing people.

Today I just wanted to send you a reminder to take time for the things that matter. To step off of the treadmill of achievement once in awhile, look around, and enjoy the people around you. It sounds simple yet it is way too easy not to do. Sometimes we can think that work is far more important than spending time doing something we enjoy. But the truth is, those are the moments you will remember. You will never look back and remember the late night at the office. In fact, I think I have spent many late nights at the office throughout my life and not one stands out as meaningful.

So this weekend, make sure to take time to create some meaning and do some things that are meaningful, with meaningful people. Create wonderful memories because in the end, it is what makes life meaningful.

Going after our dreams is wonderful, but sharing the process is even more amazing.














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