Yes I Can – Never Listen To “Can’t”

This weekend I decided to head off to Los Angeles for fun. The nice thing about living where I do is that it takes two hours to get there, the airfare is cheap and who doesn’t like to just up and go places.

But since the moment I said, “I think I am going to go to LA” do you know how many people have told me “You can’t do that!”? Pretty much everyone I told I was leaving. In fact, they don’t just say I can’t leave they also tell me that I can’t go do what I planned on doing. I am taking video and will show them all the things I did that they said I could not do. One woman said, “What? You are going by yourself to LA?” I said, “Yeah, hey I have been to Italy by myself, vacationed in Maui, love being by myself because I get to meet a ton of new people.” Why don’t people like to do things alone?

What is funny about this is I started to think about everything I have ever done that is “out of the norm every day flow” and everyone has said, “You can’t do that” when I have done those things too. When I moved to Texas I remember all of my friends were in shock saying, “What? You leave in a week?” I had been telling them for about four years I was moving and somehow they didn’t think I would actually leave.

The fact is those doing what cannot be done are the ones having all the fun and are scratching their heads wondering why someone said they couldn’t do that.

I took off and went to New York for the day, I explored, I ate, I shopped and I had a blast! The whole time I was told, “You can’t go to New York for a day!” Umm, why not? It is only three hours away.

When I wrote my first book I was told, “You’re really not doing that.” I was thinking, well, if I am not writing a book what am I doing? Once it was available at Barnes and Noble I showed those same people and they were like, “You can’t do that.” haha

In 2008, I started a podcast interviewing people and it grew to a decent size of about 70,000 listeners. I was told by my pastor “That will never work”. Haha (I still really want to do a podcast again by the way and plan on starting mine up again as soon as I am finished with two hot projects that need my focus.)

But do you see a theme here? I used to actually take these comments personal. Like somehow it was really about me and how I couldn’t do something. But the fact is it is more about the people who are saying it because that is what they tell themselves. Out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks, so if you are saying “you can’t” that is what you are telling yourself.

Here is the thing, you can do absolutely anything in the world that you want! Anything! In fact, I have a calendar right now up at my desk which stays at the month of January. I never flip it. Do you know how many people have told me “You can’t do that.” Why not? Maybe I like the photo on the calendar.

If I had listened to people who told me I couldn’t do something at any point in my life I would have been crippled with fear and never experience anything. I have had multiple people tell me, “I want to start an Amazon FBA business.” I ask why they don’t, and they say, “Well I am waiting.” I am thinking what in the world are you waiting for? There is no wait, there is only do.

When I was about 13 years old, I was part of a drill team that marched in parades. I remember I was told I would never stick to it and that I couldn’t do it. Well I did it for a few years until I was too old to. I traveled all over Canada and Western United States in a bus with about 50 other teenage girls. We would go city to city, march and perform in parades, sleep on the bus, in hotels and tour different areas. It was probably one of the times of my life that I had the most fun. Do you know how much trouble, I mean fun we had?

You get one life to live, don’t let anyone stop you by telling you those dreadful words…you can’t. And by all means, if you feel like jumping on an airplane and going anywhere - just do it. I realize I have the flexibility of a single person with no children or a husband to convince. But if you are in that situation, let me ask you this...when was the last time you just did something by yourself? Like get on an airplane and go to LA? Just go!

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