You can learn to do anything

Significance, I believe we are born with it and I believe that the current culture in America says you have to earn it. You were born unique, special, worthy, lovable and likable. This doesn’t mean everyone will like you, but the more authentic you are about who you are, the easier it is to find others like yourself and those that you should have around you as well as those you shouldn’t.

Success, now success you have to work for…but it is also temporary.

My path hasn’t always been a straight line, if you watched my video this week you can see I have had a few things to overcome to even get a chance at becoming who I might dream to be…which all has included being a person who speaks. To be healed I had to speak and yet what I was worst at was speaking. Catch 22 if you ask me. My safety zone has always been memorizing what I had to say and I had to break myself out beyond that.

Anyone who has a fluent way of speaking has always memorized me simply because it was not something that came naturally to me. I remember saying to my doctor in 2009, “I am so amazed by the people I interview, the speakers, they just speak so well and I am so drawn to them. I just can’t help be amazed.” He replied, “Well you should be amazed because it’s an impossibility for you right now!”

Amazing speakers. I am a superfan instantly. Add motivation to the mix I will buy every product you sell. I have absolutely no doubt these people over the years really wondered what on God’s green earth I could possibly be following them around for. I remember this one motivational speaker that came to Deloitte and I was so memorized by absolutely everything that came out of his mouth I am pretty sure he thought I was flirting. From the moment we were challenged to break spears in the soft part of our throat as a mind over matter exercise to challenging us to make just a 3 degree adjustment for success. I just followed him around wanting to be like him, in fact I distinctly remembering following him all the way to the airport telling him my dreams. I laugh to myself now because I probably should have told him why he was so cool to me.

Friends I am so glad that I can say it is not an impossibility for me anymore, even though I still love listening to motivational people! To say that I have overcome is an understatement but I have felt that I had to fight just to get to square one. You know fight first to just get the chance to have an equal opportunity.

It’s easy in life when we have certain struggles to focus on those instead of what we have going for us. It’s easy I think to focus on our weaknesses rather than the goal. Our struggle in the moment rather than the rewards. I hope that no matter what you are facing today, what challenge you have to overcome that my story will at a minimum inspire you to believe that you can learn to do anything.

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